Friends Of Mimanagish

Join our alumni group to reconnect with old friends and support camp!

If you’ve ever visited Camp Mimanagish, the experience likely occupies a special place in your memory.

The summer youth camps, family camps, spiritual retreats and numerous other gatherings that take place alongside the Boulder River each year allow us to step away from our usual routines, open our hearts to nature and make new friends.

Many of us have cherished memories of hikes to Four-mile, skit nights in the Chapel, campfires on Vesper Hill and silly songs in the dining hall. Many of us also have enjoyed picking up our children from camp and hearing their excited stories all the way back down to Big Timber and beyond.

Chances are, if you’ve ever been to Mimanagish, you want to go back. Not only that, you want to share the experience with others.

That’s what Friends of Mimanagish is all about: An opportunity to share your memories and help make new ones possible for future generations of campers. This is an alumni association for people who love camp.

As with other alumni groups, fund raising is a key part of our mission. Keeping camp open and in good condition year after year takes money. And funds are harder to come by these days. There’s the current economic crisis, of course. But there’s also the plain facts of life: Many churches in our conference are coping with reduced membership, as are mainline churches nationwide. The amount of money our conference and member churches can contribute to camp is less than in years past.

So, it's our turn to step up. Our opportunity to attend camp was funded by generations of people before us who gave generously so we could enjoy the experience. We must do our part to ensure that opportunity for future campers.

We hope you will consider making a donation to camp. But, along with funds, this group is also about friendship.

We want to hear from you so we can learn what you’re up to now and about your memories of camp. We will share this information in a three-times-a-year newsletter. Please send us a note or e-mail or even pictures that we can publish. This group and the newsletter will help you reconnect with Mimanagish and all the friends you made there.

So, let’s get this project rolling. Please fill in the following form or send us the information in an e-mail. The data will help us create a membership list and allow us to stay in touch with you.

Thanks so much for your interest and help.


Committee on Outdoor Ministries


Or you can donate online now....       CLICK HERE

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