Jennifer Ferguson Memorial - 2009

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Donations to this Memorial go into a fund where the proceeds go toward an annual camp improvement project designated by the Ferguson Family.


Elizabeth Richardson Don & Carol Whitcomb
Eric Kurtz Bonnie & Cecil Warren
Wayne & Angie Ettleman LeAnn Anderson
Ann Hanson Geri Yanc
June Genger Sid & Barb Herbert
Tiffany Madden Larry & Lorraine Walter
Vicki & Connal Kelly Jean Piston
David & Joanne Schuetzle Cindy & Ted Welch
Debra Ferguson James & Linda Kyle
Yellowstone Roaring 20s Club Bill & Ellen Hoy
Jess & Ed Stickney John Tech
Michael & Bobbie Obenauer Jedediah & Brandy Porter
Susan Liberty Grandparents & Me Camp
Janet & Michael Devous Ann Jean Petersen
JoAnne Cavanaugh  
Virginia Barker Memorial - 2009

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Rev Cathy Barker

Burgess McLeod Memorial - 2009

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Joan Nye

Jean Howlett Memorial - 2009

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Lawrence & Elfie Small Arthur & JoAnn Mandell
Bob & Wanda Eastlick Art & Barbara Sell
Vera Reineking Sox & Linda Ullman
Mary Helgeson Maurice Petterson
John McEwen Jeannine Nelson


Bill Burkhardt Memorial - 2009

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Diane & Jim Kimball


Karen Mensing Memorial - 2009

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Tom Mensing

Marvin Pelo Memorial - 2008

Slattery Memorial - 2007

Mike Forehand Memorial - 2004


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Camping out is an experience that every girl and every boy should have… There are certain sides of our nature that will be underdeveloped if we have not the campfire for our teacher. The experience that softens the heart and kindles friendship and the imagination is no less educative than the knowledge that instructs the head. Camping intensifies friendship, and friendship furnishes the motive and the reward of most of our efforts. It doubles our strength for achievement. It gives us most of the joys of life. It is the riches of the spirit and quite as worthy of effort as wealth or learning.

Henry S. Curtis (1914: 125-6)